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Monday 21st Feb

Inaguration and all other events videos , photos for the 21st Feb 2022 Monday

Solar Kitchen

The Solar Kitchen building has been designed as a major collective kitchen for the Auroville community and was finalized in December 1997. Since then it has served lunches in its Dining Hall and in the same time sent lunches to different outlets like schools or individuals. It derives its name from the big Solar Bowl on its roof, which provides part of the steam for cooking on all the sunny days of the year. The other part of the steam needed is provided by a diesel-fired boiler.

Bamboo Centre

Auroville Bamboo Centre (ABC) was established in February 2007, with the aim to incorporate the following four aspects:


  1. vocational training opportunities for the unemployed youth around the villages of Auroville and transforming them into craftsmen who can produce world class Bamboo products
  2. a technical and sociological research component to bring together Indian traditional craft with contemporary world culture
  3. production and marketing of Bamboo craft for income generation and building stronger communities for sustainable living
  4. unending research and development of Bamboo for the welfare of local and international communities


The project has many contacts in India and abroad and effectively is building a bridge between the ancient local tradition and the emerging global culture.

Your good wishes and encouragement keeps us busy bringing to you innovative bamboo products. Thank you for taking time to visit our website!


Unity Pavilion

The Unity Pavilion, located in the International Zone of Auroville, hosts a range of activities related to Human Unity and Unity in Diversity. The Unity Pavilion also collaborates closely with and supports the development of the International Zone. Under these themes the Unity Pavilion hosts Cultural events, Workshops, Lectures, Seminars and Exhibitions. It has also become a much appreciated venue for Auroville’s Community meetings.




Auroville Town Development Council (ATDC), also known as L’Avenir d’Auroville, is Auroville’s town planning body. 



Theme: Unity

Positioning Integral Yoga and Sri Aurobindo’s teachings at its core, it combines contemporary thoughts with global trends and vernacular traditions with its four main themes

Celebrate Sri Aurobindo's 150th Anniversary

Unity within Community

Friendship with the Bioregion

Celebrate towards Sri Aurobindo's 150th Anniversary

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