“Mahakali is of another nature. Not of wideness but of height, not wisdom but force and strength are her peculiar power. There is in her an overwhelming intensity, a mighty passion of force to achieve, a divine violence rushing to shatter every limit and obstacle.”

Sri Aurobindo


7:00 am

Little Gems - Children of the Future

With Revathy

As a pioneer in the infant education for the past 30 years, “Little Gems” leading child educationist “Revathi Sankaran” is keen in providing an enjoyable training methodology for Infants which would stimulate the Infants brain growth, and nurtures with fantabulous results in all activities like, sports, dance, academic etc, which makes them a Whole Brain Learner

Duration: One Hour


2:00 pm

Strength: Resolute Will & Impetus to Act

In this session, let us aspire to bathe in Mahalakshmi’s sweet gladness. Her domains are harmony, and beauty. She is Love at work the veil, weaving her magic, rhythmic ease and flow she brings to all she touches. Gentle, subtle she does not press her power upon us, but awaits an invitation.

Duration: One Hour

City Circle

4:00 pm

Strength: Residential zone

In this session we seek to understand the mighty force and strength of Mahakali required to manifest the Residential Zone. The development is primarily limited to residential community buildings, community meeting spaces, crèches and young age group educational needs, work studios, first aid centres, parks, playgrounds, landscaping elements, eco-friendly parking areas, kiosks and convenience stores, with the additional possibility of small handicraft ateliers.

Duration: One Hour


5:00 pm

Tamil Culture

Duration: One Hour


7:00 pm

Kalaripayattu & Mayurbhanj Chhau

With Kathivanoor Veeran

A traditional Theyyam story told on the body language of Kalaripayattu and Mayurbhanj Chhau.

Kalarigram was established in 2010, near Auroville, as a traditional Kalaripayattu training center. An offshoot of Hindustan Kalari Sangam, Shri Lakshmanan Gurukkal set this up to spread awareness of Kalaripayattu, Ayurveda, Natyshastra and Tantra.

Duration: One Hour

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