“For she too is the Mother and her love is as intense as her wrath and she has a deep and passionate kindness. When she is allowed to intervene in her strength , then in one moment are broken like things without consistence the obstacles that immobilise or the enemies that assail the seeker.

If her anger is dreadful to the hostile and the vehemence of her pressure painful to the weak and timid, she is loved and worshipped by the great, the strong and the noble; for they feel that her blows beat what is rebellious in their material into strength and perfect truth, hammer straight what is wry and perverse and expel what is impure or defective.”

Sri Aurobindo


7:00 am

Wealth from the perspective of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo

With Uma M

Duration: One Hour


10:00 am

Uyir Ezhutthu

Duration: One Hour


2:00 pm

Power: Courage to Boldly Spring Forward

In this session, we seek to call to the flaming courage Mahakali may offer us. We struggle through surface nature’s indolence, preferences, limitations, we hesitate and dally or blindly rush into the fray. In constant contradiction, aspiring for calm and peace as calls echo to rise and fight. Sincerity may be our safeguard, courage and self possession, our strength, endurance and faith our companions, but on what road?

Duration: One Hour

City Circle

4:00 pm

Power: Industrial zone

In this session let us explore the dynamic of power generated by the units which participate actively by contributing their income towards the development of the township. We need to strengthen our domain of abundance and prosperity. As we struggle through, our understanding of Power will evolve as an attribute of Mahakali’s Grace for each one to freely organise life according to—not according to his financial means, but inner capacities.

Duration: One Hour


7:00 pm


By Rang Leela Group

GARBA dance honours womanhood & celebrates the Divine Mother. Garba comes from the word Garbha – Womb. Performed by women in a circle around a Clay Lantern with a flame inside. Prayers to the Divine Mother to protect family from all ills & evils.

Duration: One Hour

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