“But I say, moreover, what truth is found behind generosity: it is the movement of the spreading forces. But in order that these forces may spread, they must first become concentrated. So there is a sort of movement of pulsation: the forces are concentrated, then they spread, and then they are again concentrated and again spread…. But if you always want to spread out without ever concentrating, after a certain time you have nothing left to spread. For the forces — all forces — it is the same thing. I have written, besides, (or rather I shall write some time) that money is a force, it is nothing but that. And that is why nobody has the right to own it personally, for it is only a force, just like all other forces of Nature and the universe. If you take light as a force, it would never occur to anyone to say: “I possess the light”, and to want to shut it up in his room and not give it to others! Well, with money people are so stupefied as to imagine that it is something they can possess and keep, as though it belonged to them, and make something personal of it. It is exactly the same thing. I am not speaking of money as paper, naturally, because that would be just like the light you put in a lamp, you may own the lamp, and so you say: “It is my light.” Money, your notes, your coins, that is your money. But that is not money. This is a force which is behind all that, the power of exchange which is money. That does not belong to anybody. It belongs to everyone. It is something which is alive only if it circulates. If you want to heap it up, it decays. It is as though you wanted to enclose water in a vase and keep it always; after some time your water would be absolutely putrefied. With money it is the same thing. And people have not yet understood that. Later on I shall write about it. That won’t last always”

The Mother


7:00 am

Foundations of Indian Culture

With Dr. Aloke Pandey

Having retired as the Wing Commander from the Indian Air Force, Dr. Alok Pandey joined the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry as an inmate. He is presently associated with the Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Integral Health and Research, Pondicherry, an institute dedicated to the work and vision of Sri Aurobindo in the field of health.

Duration: One Hour


2:00 pm

Abundance: Prosperity & the Idea of No Money

In this session, let us explore with the guidance of Mahalakshmi the domains of wealth and prosperity. Abundance is her openhanded gift, refinement of harmonious exchanges and generous practices are a necessity to invoke Her. Let us step away from a mindset of scarcity and probe into the mobilisation resources as a step toward self-sustainability in Auroville. Let us seek to create and atmosphere in which She may feel welcome and actively infuse her glad flow into each and every aspect of our collectivity.

Duration: One Hour

City Circle

4:00 pm

Abundance: Green Zone and 4 Parks

In this session we will look at the aspects of creating abundance in agriculture and farming, forest and land regeneration and recreation. We will seek to understand the depths of generous practices as an action to evoke Mahalaskhmi’s Grace to promote biodiversity enhancement, environmental management, land regeneration and water management, with technology transfer of the above activities for wider application.

Duration: One Hour


5:00 pm

Yaadum Oorey Yaavarum Kelir

Duration: One Hour


7:00 pm

Mystic Music

By Ustad Ashraf Hydroz

Classical sufi ghazal qawwali & bhajan singer, composer, musician

‘Sufi Soul’ of Khayale Qawwali, is a personal pursuit dedicated to his passion for Sufi Music, is a confluence of Khayal Gayaki with traditional Qawwali, that merges with poetry of mystics with girabandhi delineation.
Sufi means ‘oneness and love’ it is about seeing beauty in every culture and community and imbibing their essence to foster tolerance and global peace. His music is poetry oriented journey dedicated to Sufi mystics and their message of love and surrender, that recaptures the lives and teachings of these great mystics to re-articulate them in the contemporary context. He truly believes that spirit of Sufism exists in every heart and soul, regardless of religion, caste region or any boundary.

Duration: One Hour

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