“A mother to our wants, a friend in our difficulties, a persistent and tranquil counsellor and mentor, chasing away with her radiant smile the clouds of gloom and fretfulness and depression, reminding always of the ever-present help, pointing to the eternal sunshine, she is firm, quiet and persevering in the deep and continuous urge that drives is towards the integrality of the higher nature. “

Sri Aurobindo

AF23 Schedule 28


7:00 am

The ideal of Human Unity

With Lopamudra

Duration: One Hour


2:00 pm

Selfgiving: To be Willing Servitor

In this session, we shall explore what it means to willingly serve with an aspiration to perfection and attention to detail, which is our commitment to Auroville and Mahasarswati demand. We will sieve through the words servant vs. servitor to bring out the essence for our daily life in Auroville. We will explore the inner attitude of nishkamkriya, the call to self-giving and the purpose of work in the context of our yoga and life in Auroville.

Duration: One Hour

City Circle

4:00 pm

Selfgiving: Galaxy

In this session we will explore the task of giving a concrete form to Sri Aurobindo’s vision as entrusted to the Mother. The Galaxy model was conceptualised for the creation of a new world, a new humanity, a new society expressing and embodying the new consciousness is the work she has undertaken. As an echo of Mahasaraswati’s very nature of things, it is a collective ideal that calls for a collective effort so that it may be realised in the terms of an integral human perfection.

Duration: One Hour


5:00 pm

Human Unity & Tamil

Experiences of Tamil Speakers in Auroville

In loving memory of Thiru Mahalingam

Duration: One Hour


6:00 pm

Veena Concert

by Ramana Balachandran

Patri Satish Kumar on Mridangam


Ramana Balachandhran is a Veena player in the Carnatic tradition. Son of Carnatic music practitioners Balachandhran and Sharanya, his talent for music was noticed when at a young age he could identify ragas and point out nuances.

Duration: Two Hour

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