Venues of the festival

Unity Pavilion

Unity Pavillion, as derived from its name, is a symbol of unity in Auroville. Located in the International Zone in Auroville, this place denotes unity, peace and harmony. It’s unique deisgn allows the hall to be used for a variety of things ranging from conferences.

Savitri Bhavan


Savirti Bhavan, located next to Unity Pavillion is built to foster Human Unity through spiritual education based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. 

Solar Kitchen

The Solar Kitchen building has been designed as a major collective kitchen for the Auroville community and was finalized in December 1997. Since then it has served lunches in its Dining Hall and in the same time sent lunches to different outlets like schools or individuals.

Kalpana - HumanScape Crossing


A community designed as per the guidelines of the Galaxy and placed on the Crown provides a great setting for community activity


an open amphitheatre, space for music, theatre, cafe, performance, etc

Vikas Radial Junction

 this is one of the 12 radials in th galaxy plan. Model for other radials… residential zone connected to the other zones…


The CRIPA project is located within the Cultural Zone of Auroville, and aims to provide a range of performance spaces, including a theatre, a music auditorium, a ballet and contemporary dance space, a classical-Indian dance space and an open-air performance space, for the exploration and development of these art forms within the context and aims of Auroville. CRIPA project wants to offer the ground for a cross-discipline exploration of the performing arts.


 one of the four parks… open art work by Pierre legrand… designed to be the model for other parks of the auroville.

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